Writer’s Block: The Mind struggles while The Heart grieves.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  This has not been a productive two weeks.
No posts this year since the first one promising that I’d pick up the pace. And in that two weeks, I’ve started about a half a dozen posts that I’ve wound up abandoning for various reasons. But mostly because I felt like my writing sucked.
But then I’d feel guilty and try again.  And then I’d quit again. And feel guilty.  And then try…
Well…you see the problem.

To make matters worse, I promised Michael Meyer that I’d have a new piece for him for the next round of readings at Paschel for Valintine’s Day.  But the piece imploded on me halfway through the writing and now I feel like shit because of that.
To be honest, I haven’t written a new comedy piece since December 2012. (Karl Rove, Dick Morris and The Ghost of Christmas Past.) And if I intend to get some new shorts in the pipe line, I need to start generating more scripts.

Part of me is bginning to wonder if it’s something neurological.
I don’t mean like a tumor or anything.  But since I got the Canon, I’ve been focusing a lot of time on photography.
(Hell, I even started a second Tumblr just to showcase it.)  And I’m starting to wonder if my growning skills with a camera are somehow retarding my writing skills?  Maybe one side of my brain is getting stronger while the other side gets weaker?
If that’s true, within six months I’ll be shooting like Ansel Adams but talking like Sarah Palin.
That does not strike me as an improvement.

So, bear with me as I work though this.  I just refilled my St. John’s Wort so maybe that’ll take the edge off of this and I can finally get back to work.
But honestly, at this point, I’m dubious.


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