…And the beginning of 2014.

Resoultions are for suckers!
Yes, I know the concept. The Winter Solstice has passed and the New Year makes Cockeyed Opitimists out of us all.  And we tell ourselves that THIS YEAR, we will re-organize that tool shed! THIS YEAR, we will lose that twenty pounds! THIS YEAR, we will ask out that cute girl at the bookstore who spends her weekends cosplaying Steampunk characters.
But in the end, we fail. We have that extra donut.  We see the girl kissing a guy with a handlebar mustache wearing an old timey muscle man outfit.
And let’s be honest, that noise you heard in the shed had to be a badger.
So? Resoultions? Fuck ’em!  Not worth the effort.

However, there is something I need to do this year.  But I’m not calling it a resolution because those never get followed through on.  
And if there’s one thing I need to get better on is my follow through.
The thing I need to do is this: WRITE MORE AND WRITE BETTER!
Seriously, my output this year has been shockingly poor. The blog has been three forths filler. The last short script I wrote was “Karl Rove, Dick Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past” and that was in 2012. (End of 2012. Kissing 2013 but still…)
Yeah, I made a new short but from a script written about seven years ago.
Bottom line, I need to stop dicking around.

So, expect to see this blog ramp up. We’re about to slide into mid terms and blogging always ticks upwards in election years anyway.
Also, more short scripts. Especially since I intend to make more shorts this year anyway.
And also, more film writing because that tends to get more  hits then my political stuff anyway.
So, the watchcry for this year once again is WRITE MORE AND WRITE BETTER!
But it’s not a resolution.
Because resolutions are for suckers.
And I’m in no mood to be a sucker. 


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