New Short: “Glengarry Glen Styx: Redux”.

Yep, this is the short.
And here’s the description from my Vimeo page.

As the title implies, this is a remake of an earlier short that I made in…if memory serves…2007 when I had my YouTube channel. That version is way down on my Vimeo time line but the years and changes in technology have not been kind to the visual quality.
For this new version shot with my Canon 70D, I went back and rewrote the original script, both to open it up and punch up some of the jokes. The whole thing was shot in a five hour period and I think the energy makes up for the lack of polish. (Although, honestly, I am working on the polish part for the next one.)
And yes, this is my entry for this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival.
Starring Michael Meyer and Scott Ford.

As I said before, given the amount of time I had to shoot it and my current skill level at Final Cut Pro, it turned out pretty well.
Feel free to add feedback in the comments.  If you like the short, feel free to pass it along.


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