Update on “Glengarry”

So here’s the skinny on the state of play on “Glengarry Glen Styx”.
The shoot is set for this Thursday at 2:00 pm at Michael Bingham’s place, For which he is being handsomely rewarded with a producers credit. Thankfully, I have the night before off which means I can can get to bed early and get a decent night’s sleep. (Night in this case defined as from Three in the morning to noon.  In the world of the graveyard shift workers, the parameters of what defines a “night’s sleep” can get very fluid.)
Both Michael Meyer and Scott Ford have signed off on the script.  The camera tests at Bing’s went well.  There’s still the matter of the external microphone but I’m testing that tomorrow.  And I should be hearing back from someone tomorrow about the one real light I need for the shoot.
So my only two big concerns are these.

1. Can we get the shots I need in time?
2. Will it look good?

The answer to 2. should be yes.  The Canon 70D is a first class image grabber.  And as I said before, the tests look great.
The answer to on is a maybe, leaning hard into yes.  We’re locked into a 7 pm end time because Scott is doing “The Wizard of Panto-Land” at Oregon Cabret Theater. But both men are pros, making multiple takes unnecessary  AND I was smart enough to make a full shot list so I’m going in with a plan of attack.
But Flying Spaghetti Monster help me, there are still a thousand ways I can screw this up. I can get too precious with the shots and lose the comedy.  I can focus on the comedy too much and let the visual aspect go to hell. (At which point, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that two of my favorite comedies “The Producers” and “The In-Laws” have the visual appeal of a hobo wearing a velvet painting of Elvis.)
I can screw up the sound, the color correction. And there’s still the matter of the music that I haven’t locked down yet…
And then I settle down.
And in the back of my head, I hear Lee Strasberg in Godfather II say, “This is the life we have chosen for ourselves”.
I’ve come too far, worked too hard and spent too much to lose my nerve now.
We are doing this. 


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