Tan…Rested…and ready to get my grind back on!

Okay, I’ve been back in Ashland for about two days.  Caught up on mail.  Adjusted back to my regular sleep schedule.
And, finished my shot list for “Glengarry Glen Styx”!
Yay me!
And it looks like it’s going to take about fifty setups to get the short in the can. Which considering that the game plan is to shoot the entire thing in one day, makes me excited for the challenge.
And of course, “Excited for the challenge” is code for “Ready to hyperventilate into a paper bag”.
But my feeling is that if Roger Corman can shoot “Little Shop of Horrors” in two days, shooting a ten page short in one day should be cake.  Sweet Meth infused cake.
In the meantime, the reading at Paschal Winery went swimmingly and the audience reaction was strong enough that I’m going into this thing with a solid script which is half the battle. Both Michael Meyer and Scott Ford are terrific actors and consummate pros which is almost the other half of the battle.
Honestly, the only one who could fuck this up is me.
And now, I’m going to take a moment to breathe into a paper bag.

In the meantime, please enjoy this lovely video of my piece being read at Paschal on the 19th.  Think of it as a sneak preview.


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