@RepGregWalden lies on Fox News.

At 1:40 of this segment on the October 10th episode of “Hannity”, Rep Greg Walden comes right out of the gate lies by saying this country “We have a huge deficit problem, a huge spending problem”. When actually, we didn't. (From a May 23rd, 2012 posting at Talking Points Memo. And remember, this was several months before the sequester kicked in.)

The fact that the national debt has risen from $10.6 trillion to $15.6 trillion under Obama's watch makes for easy partisan attacks. But the vast bulk of the increase was caused by a combination of revenue losses due to the 2008-09 economic downturn as well as Bush-era tax cuts and automatic increases in safety-net spending that were already written into law. Obama's policies, including the much-criticized stimulus package, have caused the slowest increase in federal spending of any president in almost 60 years, according to data compiled by the financial news service MarketWatch.


The chart shows that Presidents Reagan, both Bushes, and to a lesser extent Clinton, grew federal spending at a far quicker pace than Obama. Part of the reason for the slow growth is that Obama — unlike his Republican and Democratic predecessors — signed a law in February 2010 necessitating that new spending laws are paid for. In addition, Obama last year signed into law over $2 trillion in debt-reduction over the next decade.

But thanks to the Government Shutdown, (That friendly reminder, Greg Walden voted for!) we do have a hemorrhaging money problem. (Via HuffPo.)

Another day, another $160 million. That's how much the economy is losing every day on average, thanks to the government shutdown, according to data from global markets research firm IHS cited by Bloomberg. Closed national parks, a semi-spooked stock market, the stop to some government work and other factors related to the shutdown syphoned $1.6 billion from the U.S. economy last week, IHS found. Though $1.6 billion may sound huge, as Bloomberg notes, it’s a very small fraction of the nation’s $15.7 trillion economy. In fact, the long-term economic impacts of a shutdown may be minimal, especially as thousands of furloughed Defense Department workers have returned to work, according to the Washington Post.

But if the debt limit is breached, all best are off.

And at minute-fifty, Walden has the salt to complain how things go so bad before they could have a negotiation with the President. When by now, it is now common knowledge that the House turned down requests from The Senate to negotiate the budget nineteen times! And as far as negotiating the debt limit goes, let's do a quick thought experiment.

Imagine in 2007 if the Democrats, after taking back the House and Senate in the midterms, decided that the only way to get Bush to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan was to threaten to shutdown the Government and refuse to raise the debt limit. What do you think the reaction on the right would be? If your answer included the words “Traitors” “Un-american” and “Douchebags”, you'd be right. And you know the bitch of it, they would have been absolutely in the right for saying that. Which is why, of course, it never happened.

It should now be noted that there is a reason Greg Walden voted for the shutdown and the answer comes to us from our friends at Think Progress.

Though he repeatedly joined with all of his Republican colleagues to force the government shutdown, in a candid moment last month Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) complained that the Tea Party’s influence forced them to do it.

Walden, who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee (the House GOP’s campaign arm), reportedly told a group of top Republican donors that the Tea Party’s organizational strength meant that Republicans had to shutdown the government and obstruct a debt-ceiling increase.

“Listen,” Walden told them, “We have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.” Noting that he often hears complaints from the pro-business wing of the party, he noted none of them get involved at the local level. “The Tea Party gets involved at the local level,” he added.

And when he says “these guys”, he means himself.

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) – A Klamath County commissioner says he's considering challenging U.S. Rep. Greg Walden in the Republican primary.Dennis Linthicum says he hopes to decide soon whether to take on the only Republican in Oregon's congressional delegation. Linthicum describes himself as a “constitutional conservative” and tagged Walden as a “professional politician.”

FYI: He has a Facebook page and yes, the smell of tea is strong.

There's no polite way to say this so I'm slapping on my Asshole cap and telling it straight. Greg Walden is a Goddamned coward! He is so scared of losing his job and all the benefits therein, that he is willing to play dice with the full faith and credit of the United State and risk hurting millions of people and tanking the World Economy! So let me say this again, in italics and bold!

Greg Walden is a Goddamned coward!

Hang on. Let me get my Thesaurus.







Greg Walden doesn't want to lose his job? Fuck him, he doesn't deserve his job! And the Right should be the least of his worries now. The GOP numbers are so deep in the crapper, you could use them as props in a german porno.

A series of polls released Sunday show just how damaging the shutdown has been for the GOP. The liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling compiled two dozen surveys, commissioned and paid for by MoveOn.org Political Action, from House districts around the country, taken from Oct. 2 through Oct. 4. Sample sizes were between 600 and 700 voters in each district.

For Democrats to win a House majority, 17 seats would need to switch to their party's favor. Results show that would be within reach, as Republican incumbents are behind in 17 of the districts analyzed: CA-31, CO-06, FL-02, FL-10, FL-13, IA-03, IA-04, IL-13, KY-06, MI-01, MI-07, MI-11, NY-19, OH-14, PA-07, PA-08, WI-07. In four districts, the incumbent Republican fell behind after respondents were told their representative supported the government shutdown: CA-10, NY-11, NY-23, VA-02. Three districts saw GOP incumbents maintain their hold over their Democratic challengers, even after hearing their elected officials' views on the shutdown, including CA-21, NV-03 and OH-06.

Frank Luntz couldn't spin those results if you stuck them on a Tilt-o-Whirl.

The question is this. Will Walden publically admit his mistake and work to stop the blackmail or is he going to play his string out untill the end?



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