Updates of a filmmaking and writing nature.

As of right now, the readings at Paschel Winery seems to be a go.  I got hard copies of the script to Michael Meyer and he is currently gathering actors for the show.  When he has an official Facebook event page, I’ll throw up a link.  I’m also in the process of doing what preproduction I can.  I’ve been mapping out shots and I’m talking to someone on Monday about a possible shooting location.
And I’ve also updated my camera kit for hopefully the last time.

Yeah, it meant pushing my Sears card to it’s limit but as you can tell, the picture quality is     solid! Now I can post stuff to Vimeo and not have other filmmakers point at my picture quality and laugh like I’m a chunky drama nerd trapped in a gym shower.
Seriously, I do not need those flashbacks right now.

So, the plan is to so the readings on the 19th and 20th.  Shoot in the first week of November and have the short ready by the December 13th deadline.
Provided, of course, that society doesn’t completely break down before then.


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