Personal Updates and future plans.

Yeah, I’ve been bad about the blog and I’m still wrapping my head around the Syria thing. So, in lieu of that, here’s what’s been going on in my corner of the world.

-The new improved and redesigned website for my book “Tales of the Geek Nation” has been live for about a month. And it’s been getting an okay number of hits. Partially because I’ve been advertising it through Project Wonderful and partially through the Twitter feed. The dormant Facebook Page has also been showing signs of life thanks to my occasional NERD ALERT blog postings. (Which BTW, should start picking up now that the new laptop unit is finally here.) But, by all means, check out the site. Let me know what you think. And if you haven’t yet, please buy the book.
Honest, it’s funny. I think you’d dig it.

-I’m also exploring the possibility of reshooting “Glengarry Glen Styx” to enter in next year’s Ashland Indpendent Film Festival. I’ve already talked to one actor about it and he’s up for it. But there’s still a couple of tech issues I need to work through before I can start locking down dates. For one thing, I not entirely convinced that the camera I have can deliver a festival quality image. I actually did some camera tests with my iPod and it delivers a decent enough image but it doesn’t have a zoom feature on video. Not insurmountable but it’s going to make close ups a bitch to get.
Again, this is something I really need to think through.

-Also this week, I have to knuckle down and make arrangements for my Vacation in October. (I’ve been putting it off because…because of reasons and let’s leave it at that.) Right now, I’m thinking about splitting two days in Portland and two in Seattle. The two days in Portland because…
No, I won’t go into details in a public forum. Let’s just say I need to fix something that I broke some time back and leave it at that. (Man, being overly coy about personal stuff. I suck at over sharing on the Internet.)
Anyway, I expect to be in either town on the week of October 10th. If you see me wearing a geek shirt, give me a wave!

More later.


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