Poking my head up…

I’m not going to lie.
So far, this enforced blog hiatus to work on new short scripts have been a washout.
I started two pieces but quickly abandoned them when I realized that…well, frankly…they kind of sucked.
It happens.  But it’s been happening way too much as of late.
I’m attributing it to a couple of things. First off, the weather in Ashland has been insanely hot. Last week, we even hit the Hundred degree mark three times.
And as anyone who knows me well will tell you, any time the mercury spikes over 85, I’m in danger of being declared legally incompetent and made a ward of the state.
Another issue is that I honestly think I’m losing the ability to write.
As most of you know, since I got the new iPod Touch, I’ve been getting more and more into photography. And honestly, I think I’ve been getting pretty damn good at it. Judge for yourself.


The problem is that since I’ve been doing more shooting, my writing has started going down hill. I’m wondering if it’s something neurological. You know when you lose your sight, your other senses become much more dominant.  I’m wondering if maybe as I work on my Visual acuity, my Verbal skills are starting to atrophy.
Seriously, any experts on brain mechanics reading this, feel free to throw down a comment.
In the meantime, I need to keep plowing through and hopefully come up with something useable this week.
Send happy thoughts. I need them.


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