CNN and crackers.

Yeah, I gotta come up for air for this one.

With two of the biggest current news stories in America involving racism – the George Zimmerman trial in Florida and Paula Deen’s downfall – it’s only natural that the folks at the 24/7 cable news networks would try to fill their air time with as many related segments as possible. And because it’s all we ever expect from cable news programs anymore, they’ll load us up with plenty of good, old-fashioned debate.

For example, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a segment tonight on the use of the “N Word,” which of course represents a horrible racial epithet for black people, and “cracker,” which represents white people. Airing earlier this evening, the debate included a variety of panelists, who all seemed to agree that “the N word” is deplorable, as if they really needed to elaborate beyond the fact that CNN used the full word cracker and still had to write “N word”.

And if you go to the article, you will see a screen shot of the CNN chyron that says “N WORD VS ‘CRACKER’: WHICH IS WORSE?”
First off, I think the word you can’t fully spell out should get the lead.
Secondly, I have no personal problem with the word “Cracker” you know why?
Because crackers are delicious!
Saltines, Oyster, Ritz, Wheat Thins, Triscuits.
Each and every one a wheat filled lump of joy!
Crackers are tasty and nutritious. The N-word is neither.
Also, you can put various forms of toppings on crackers.
You ever try to slather Peanut Butter on a racial slur? That shit is rank!
It tastes like grease and white resentment.

Seriously, can we get a kickstarter going to help Ted Turner get CNN back?


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