Yeah…about that last post….

That previous collection of mealy-mouthed words wrapped in self-pity that I foolishly clicked “publish” on?
Please file that under “Reasons you should never tried to write on a depressing subject on a day you’ve forgotten to take St. John’s Wort”.
There is a longer post to be written on this topic but for now, here are the bullet points.

-Bush and Cheney may have started this but by continuing it, Obama gets no points.  And in the process, may have terminally fucked his agenda.

-Forget Obama.  The fight for this and everything else will have to be waged in The House and Senate.

-If your response to this is to start hoarding guns and ammo, then fuck you, Jack! You’re part of the problem.

I will be elaborating on all this in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, sorry for the self pity.

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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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