My blog, “Goodreads” and the nature of internet branding.

Yeah, I haven’t posted for a week.
And yeah, I’m not happy about it.
The only excuse I can come up for it is that I’m having some form of mental constipation.  I’ve tried at least three times this week to write something and each time it’s wound up half-finished, collecting virtual dust in my draft bin.
Needless to say, I am not proud of this and it’s made me feel like a lazy hump.
And to make matters worse, I had a thing happen to me this Friday that’s making me kind of nuts.
For those of you who don’t know, this blog is connected to my Goodreads Author Page.  It’s the same page that has the link to the website for my E-Book, “Tales of the Geek Nation”.  A collection of comedy sketches I’ve been hawking for what seems like forever. I added the blog to the page because I felt that maybe people liked a blog post that I wrote, they might be temped to but the book.  A strategy that’s lately been undercut by my own uneven blogging.
And to make matters worse, someone left the following comment on my last post there.  (May 11th. Title: My no good, very bad, deeply shitty mood.)

Why is this blog linked to GoodReads?

And to add to the aggravation, the person leaving the comment wasn’t a stranger. It was a friend of mine from college. (Hi, Kelly.)

Now, it should be noted that in fairness that I don’t think Kelly meant anything   mean-spirited by that comment.  The post in question was fairly personal in nature. And as a general rule, I don’t get personal on the blog. (Okay, it’s more a guideline then a rule.  But still…) And it’s not the best written thing I’ve ever posted. It was one of those, “Oh crap I need to post something and this is the only thing I think of right now” types of posts.  And I did end it with the admission that I needed a blow job. Which is probably something first tier bloggers never do.
And it does beg the question, what is this blog about?
Is it a comedic blog?  A personal blog? A blog about politics that happens to have comedic elements?
What is this thing anyway?  And does it belong on a page hawking a book of comedy sketches?
And if it doesn’t, do I junk it and start over from scratch?  Or do I create a separate blog and post that to Goodreads?
Or do I keep going the way I’ve been going? Only quote the aliens to Woody Allen in “Stardust Memories” make sure I tell funnier jokes?
Those are the questions I’m going to be grappling with in the next few weeks.  All while dealing with whatever crap comes down the pike in the next few weeks and months in Washington.  (That is if talking about politics even survives this…thing I’m going to do.)
So…please forgive the dust around here for the next few weeks as I retool.  All I can promise is that I will try to keep my posts more in keeping of a man hawking a book of comedy sketches.  I.E. Funny.
Oh, and I also promise to keep any desire I have for a blow job to myself.
Unless I’m sure I can get a laugh out of it.


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