The brain baby is crying and crapping it’s diaper.

I’m not going to lie to you.
It’s been a long couple of days.
I finally managed to finish a new short only to discover upon completion that it’s the worse thing I’ve ever written. The idea that looked so strong  in my head curdled in execution.
It happens.
It hasn’t happened to me in a while so I guess I was due. The question now is do I take another pass at it or chuck it completely.  Honestly, it was such a slight idea, I’d feel like an idiot for spending anymore time on it then I already did.
What’s also troubling is that I’ve been having trouble focusing for the last few days. Part of it might be that I’ve only been averaging six hours of sleep a day about a week. There’s also various family issues that have been taking up extra RAM  in the old hard drive.
I’ve been taking steps to fix the problem.  I’m trying to get more fruits in my diet.  I’ve started taking multivitamins.  And I may have to start turning off the ringer on my phone so I’m not woken up by idiots with wrong numbers. (Yes, that’s been a thing too.)
So that’s where we are.  hopefully, this too will pass.


About theragingcelt

Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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