Hack! Hack! HACK!!!!

And now on top of everything else, I have a cold.
My throat is scratchy, my head is fuzzy and it feels like someone shoved a caulking gun up my nose and hit me with both barrels.
Not the worst thing to happen in the last couple of weeks but it does lend an air of “Just one Goddamn thing after another.” to the proceedings.
And contrary to popular gender stereotypes, I’m not lying in bed going “Oh poor pitiful me”. Instead, I’m shoving Gelcaps down my throat and hoping to hell this thing works it’s way out of my system.
Regular blogging is just around the corner.  Pinkie swear.


About theragingcelt

Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker. talesofthegeeknation.com
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