A Short and sad note.

I just posted this note on my Facebook page. There is nothing else to add here.

I will try to keep this brief.Simply because I’m in no mood to write something substanial right now but I need to pass along the information because I know some of you are aware of what’s been going on and have expressed concern.
My Mother, Margaret Louise Jensen, died Monday night.
And just typing that is putting the zap on my head and because I have the job tonight, I need to hold it together.
There will be a time for weeping.
But it is not now.
As some of you know, she had been in the Hospital for pneumonia. Well, it turns out, despite early indications to the contrary, she had suffered a minor stroke.  The saving grace at the time is that it hit in the langage center of the brain which means her motor functions had gone unscathed. There was even talk about moving her to a rehab center in Santa Rosa when her strengh returned.
Clearly, that did not happen.
I will be leaving town Saturday night to get to Fort Bragg for the funeral on Monday.  I will be back in Ashland on Wednesday afternoon.
Some of you will want to leave kind words and I thank you for them in advance. Some of you will want to offer prayers and say say things like “She’s with God now”.
Please don’t.
She is no longer in pain and as far as I’m concerned, that is enough.
Prayers are unnecessary.  Kind thoughts are enough.
Thank you for your attention.

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