In which your humble narrator throws up his hands and admits he’s sick of blogging about politics.

Yes.  I saw the State of the Union Speech tonight.
Yes, I thought it was a good speech.
I’m delighted that Obama came out with an ambitious second term agenda.  I’m tickled that he came out for a higher national minimum wage that’s tied to the cost of living.  I’m more than happy that on Climate Change he did everything but say “Suck it. I have a girlfriend and her name is science!”. And I’m really happy that he’s choosing to push for gun control because frankly, I’m too damn old to start learning to dodge bullets.
However, I was less than happy that in response to attacks on voting rights with a “bipartisan commission”. Bipartisan commissions being to Washington what market research groups are to Hollywood movies.  Places here good ideas get the living shit beaten out them.
I was amused that half the time, John Boehner looked like he was trying to force his spirit out of his body and return to Valhalla where he would spend the rest of eternity, being waited on by large orange women and drinking from a bottomless glass of scotch. I’m always charmed by Joe Biden who, since Barney Frank retired, looks like the only person in Washington who enjoys his work. And I’m relived that seemingly some on the ball Secret Service agent managed to slip an elephant tranquilizer into Ted Nugent’s Bosco.  Thus sparing the entire assemblage an impromptu performance of “Wang Dang, Sweet Poontang”.
(And for the record, I decided to not watch the Republican response. I had a feeling that Rubio would simply regurgitate GOP talking points.  And if I want to watch someone jerk off for fifteen minutes, I’d prefer it to be a Japanese AV model in pantyhose.)
But if you were expecting a serious analysis of the speech from me, I have to disappoint you because I’m just not feeling it.
To be honest, I’m sick of writing about politics.
Mind you, I’m not sick of politics.  I understand that politics is the process we use to get things done in this country.  And I have no problem continuing to participate in the process. I vote. I sign petitions.  I call my congress people when it’s called for.
But I am getting sick of trying to write about politics.
Part of it is personal.  I have a lot things on my plate right now.  I’m still waiting to hear back from my doctor about the mole I had removed. (I’m sure it’s benign…but still...) My mom is still in the hospital and still on a respirator. (She’s a tough old bird and I’m sure she’ll pull through...but still...) I’ve got taxes to deal with.  I’ve got student loans to refinance.  I strongly suspect that one of the reason the book isn’t selling is because my primary contact with potential readers is my Twitter feed. And frankly, with seventy percent of my tweets being political stuff, I can see why people might not be inclined to buy a book of comedy sketches from a guy who’s feed isn’t that Goddamn funny!!!
In short, I need to change how I write on this blog and on social media, not only for my sanity but also my financial well being.
Don’t get me wrong, if something important happens that get me good and riled, I’ll write about it.  But I’m going to remove from myself the burden of writing about evert stupid thing that happens in Washington because clearly, that way lies madness.
So, in the future.  More funny pieces.  More film stuff.  I don’t know.
But I do know that I need to make some sort of change or my brain is going to chip it’s way out of my skull and make a run for it.  And frankly, that’s going to make doing my day job that much tougher.
So, for a while anyway, I’m taking myself out of the homegrown pundit business.  If you need commentary on politics, serious or otherwise, there are plenty of other blogs around to fill that need.
Hell, go read Charles Pierce over at Esquire.  He’s hella funny.  If you need perspective on the Middle East, head over to the sidebarred Dr. Juan Cole at Informed Comment.  Hell, try the also sidebarred Lance Mannion. He’s a College Professor and he writes the living crap out of progressive issues when he’s not writing the living crap about culture, pop or otherwise.
I’ll still pass along progressive stuff I like on my Twitter and my Facebook page.
But for the moment, this blog is now in the shit and giggles business. Adjust your expectations accordingly.


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