Update on my mom.

I talked to my niece Angelita today.  My mom’s lungs are clearing up and they’re going to try to take her off the respirator tomorrow. So it’s sounding like the worst has passed. (Flying Spaghetti Monster willing and if the creek don’t rise.) This relieves me on a number of levels. The first and foremost level being my mom not being dead.
Also, there was the issue of getting back to Fort Bragg, Ca. (Where mom lives and where I used to live.) The first idea was to take Greyhound but that got tossed when I discovered that the trip from Medford to Ukiah (The stations closest to Points A and B.) would cost about $260 and take seventeen hours.
And include a stop in Oakland which over shoots Fort Bragg by 162 miles.
Needless to say, Greyhound can eat a bowl of sugar frosted dicks.
Thankfully, the same trip by Amtrak takes fourteen hours and costs only $164. Yes, there’s still an overshoot to Martinez but even with the three-hour layover, it still takes less time then the bus.
But thankfully, all this is moot because my mom will pull through.  Which means I ain’t going anywhere. And this makes me happy.
Not as happy as the “Mom not dying” thing, mind you. But happy.
Think of it as a supplemental happiness. The Aflac of happiness if you will.
Anyway, when I know more, I’ll pass it along.  In the meantime, to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who’s sent along good wishes, thanks.
They are appreciated.


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