NEW VIDEO: “How to make Oven Baked Hash Browns” (UPDATED, 2-13.)

The steadicam rig is still giving me nothing but trouble.  And I was starting to get antsy about giving the Final Cut Pro a spin. But thankfully, Vimeo decided to do as one of their Weekend Challenges the topic “Cook up a recipe”.  And as it happens, I have an almost foolproof method of cooking Hash Browns in the oven that make them as crispy as frying.
Needless to say, I got to work.

-Believe it or not, the toughest shot to get was the close up on the oven dial.  I don’t have a full-sized tripod, just a mini one.  So, I ended up having to set the camera on my laundry basket AND the box to my bust of Jack Skellington that I won a few years ago from AICN.
And still, I just barely managed to hold it steady long enough to get the shot.

-I’m happy to report that my first go around with Final Cut Pro was smoother then expected.  I didn’t have to deal the click and drag nonsense that you have with iMovie.  And I really love the newer flexible titles.  With iMovie, for the end titles, you were locked into them fading in and out.  With Final Cut, you can do opening and closing credits with the smash bang of Martin Scorsese.
(I was going to insert here the end credits of “Goodfellas” to show you what I mean but they’re not on YouTube.  So you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.)
The only problem I had was with the color correction which ended up washing out detail on a couple of shots.  Needless to say, I need to be more careful on shooting so I don’t have to try to finesse the Post Production that much.

-The music is “Prelude No. 14” by Chris Zabriskie via the Vimeo Music Store. The original plan was to find something that sounded closer to British Pop to maintain the Wes Anderson vibe I was going for.  (And yes, sharp-eyed viewers will note that instead of my usual Copperplate Font on the titles, I switched things up by using Futura.)
But I couldn’t find any in the time length I needed so I went with short intense piano piece.  And it seems to work just fine.

-So now I know that Final Cut works, the next step is to get off my ass and get proficient with the steadicam rig.
Right after I do my taxes.
And get the mole on my shoulder checked.
And start work on getting my student loans refinanced.


EDIT 2/5/13: Had to upload a new version because the older one had a spelling error on one of the titles.


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