President Obama: Here we go again.

Yeah.  Good speech.
And yes, at this point, saying Obama can give a good speech is like saying Jessica Alba has a nice tush.  The default response to either statement is “So…?”
Yes, he defended Medicare and Social Security.  But don’t forget, that he was prepared to offer up Chained CPI as part of a deficit deal a couple of months ago. And yes, he made it very clear that Climate Change is happening but there’s still a question whether the XL Tar  Sands pipeline will go through.  And while he very clearly denounced the Neo-Con idea of perpetual war, we still have drones buzzing around Pakistan.
What I’m saying is that I’m trying to be hopeful but I don’t want to be a Goddamn sap about it.
As the Zen Master once said, “…we’ll see.”.

Supplemental reading: Dr. Juan Cole on what four more years of Obama means for the Middle East.  And Vice Versa.

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