Listmaking as a vehicle for self improvement. Week Three..

Yeah, I fell way short this week.

1. Four posts on the blog. (Not counting a List entry.)

Missed by one. Fallen Short!

2. Proper testing of the Stedicam Rig.

Didn’t do.  In fairness, it’s been colder then usual in Ashland this week and going outside will make bits of you fall off.  And you can’t control the bits. Never the less…Fallen Short!

3. Rebuild the website.

No excuse.  I was just lazy. Fallen Short.

4. Five new photos and a Text Piece for HitRECord.
5. Start work on a new short script.

No ideas. No photos. No nothing! Fallen Short!

Yeah, I sucked this week.  But that’s why I started this Listmaking thing.  To force myself in full public view to keep working and not fall into ruts of inactivity.
So this week’s list will be last week’s list. And this time, I WILL GET SHIT DONE!!!



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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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