Additions to the Blu-Ray library.

Thanks to at least three hundred dollars in gift cards, (From work and family for Xmas.), I was able to expand my Blu-Ray library.  Needless to say, I am pleased with what I got.



I try to avoid double Dipping whenever possible because I don’t like spending money on something I already own.  But I rationalized this in two ways.
One: They were gift cards so I wasn’t actually spending money
Two: .I did not have “Crystal Skull” yet so technically, it’s not a double dip.  At best it’s a one and three-fourths dip.
Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
FWIW, I skimmed “Raiders” and “Temple” last night and it looks like  Paramount did a terrific job with the transfers.  What I saw of both films looked great. (And “Temple” had to be a bitch to get right. The middle section in the Thuggie human sacrifice chamber is an ungodly mixture of deep shadows and bright reds that probably broke the spirit of a half a dozen colorists.) And the extras disc is chock full of documentary tidbits.  Hell, they have a whole section on how they got  Toht’s face to melt at the end.


My two Christmas movies of 2011 are now part of my library. And I could not be happier.
Have not gotten to “Tintin” again.  (Except to re-watch that insane three-minute unbroken shot!) But “MI:GP remains a gloriously retro affair. Cruise is Cruise. (Take that how you will.) Brad Bird proves that you don’t have to shake the camera like a pair of maracas to build tension. And Simon Pegg continues his quest to make nerdiness look badass.
Also, not for nothing, Lea Seydoux makes committing cold-blooded murder kind of adorable.


I will say it again.  This film is not a failure!! Yes, it didn’t make its money back.  Yes, Andrew Stanton is now in preproduction for “Finding Nemo 2” to try to get himself out of director jail.  But you know what? “John Carter” still kicks an ungodly amount of ass.
And if you’ve ever wondered what the “Star Wars” prequels would look like if they were directed by someone who knew how to talk to actors, this is as close as you’re ever going to get.
Do not fight me on this.  I will bite you!



Missed it in the theaters but happy to catch up with it now.  Jason Segal, Nicholas Stroller and Director James Bobin have made a film that hits the sweet spot between goofy and gooey.  Kids will like it because it’s bright and colorful. And their parents will love it because the jokes work and it pushes all the right nostalgic buttons to turn them into damp puddles of tears.
Also, Chris Cooper rapping is the greatest thing ever.


Missed in theaters but had to get because it’s Fincher and it’s dark and creepy. And dark and creepy Fincher is my favorite flavor of Fincher.


I digs me some Bruce Willis and I digs me some JGL.  And while I have not yet seen “Brothers Bloom”, I did see Rian Johnson’s first film, “Brick” on the Netflix and found its hybrid of Film Noir and Teenage Angst deeply compelling.  So I had enough confidence to make this a blind buy.


I have to be honest.  This one was a blind buy and I’m a little nervous about it.
On the one hand, Joss Whedon has his hand in it.  And like many of my generation, I loves me some Whedon.  And I’m curious to see how Drew Goddard does his first time at bat as a director. (After digging his work on “Cloverfield”.)
On the other hand, horror films and in particular, slasher films are a big genre blind spot for me. So I’m wondering if not being familiar with the tropes of the genre is going to affect my enjoyment.
Also, after hearing all my film geek friends rave about this thing for the past year and now I’m wondering if it’ll live up to the hype.
But what the hell, it’s Whedon.  And Whedon has yet to let me down.

So, if nothing else, I have at least a half dozen thing to blog about in the next few weeks that don’t involve fiscal cliffs and drone strikes.
So, I got that going for me.


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