Listmaking as a vehicle for self improvement. Week Two.

Okay, let’s look back on the past week and see how I did.

1. Calibrate the new Steadicam rig.

Found a postal scale and managed to get the counterweights balanced out with the camera. Done!

2. Test the rig.

However, I’m still getting an ungodly amount of sway on the damn thing.  Nothing shot yet. Done but unsuccessful!

3. Ten New photos and one text submission to HitRECord.

No text submission. Uploaded two photos earlier this week and may be able to get at least four more uploaded tomorrow.  Fallen Short!

4. A post a day on the blog.

Counting this one, I got five done this week.  I think I have to bite the bullet and admit that a post a day may be beyond my powers. Particularly if I want the quality of the writing to be high. Fallen Short!

5. Start getting my tax stuff ready for this year.

Called Ashland Community Hospital to get the proper recites from my emergency room visit last year because that stuff is deductible.
Well begun is half Done!

Three done’s Vs. Two Fallen Short’s. Not a bad score.  At least I’m batting .600.

Here’s the list for the third week of January.

1. Four posts on the blog. (Not counting a List entry.)

I’m not giving myself that out again.

2. Proper testing of the Stedicam Rig.

I want to post one test this week.  But first, I may have to get some help from some filmmaker friends.

3. Rebuild the website.

When the hard drive on my MacMini failed last year.  It took the original iWeb files with it.  So now I have to rebuild it in order to include my free E-Book from the Holidays.

4. Five new photos and a Text Piece for HitRECord.

If at first you don’t succeed…

5. Start work on a new short script.

No ideas yet.  But maybe I can dredge one up.

And we restart the clock…NOW!


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