Listmaking as a vehicle for self improvement. Week One.

Just spent the last two days fighting off a bad cold. (“Fighting” in this case is defined by staying home and playing “Borderlands 2” to take my mind off the river of rubber cement clogging my sinuses.) And now I feel like I’ve stumbled coming out of the gate of the new year and am already running behind.
It’s a feeling I’m sick and tired of having.
So to this end, I’m going to start making weekly lists of five things I need to do. At the end of the week, I will check the list and see how I do.
I’m doing this to kick myself in the ass and get more stuff done.
So here’s my list for this the Second Week of January.

1. Calibrate the new Steadicam rig.

Monday, I’m going to the hardware store to get counterweights for the rig.  My Canon VIXIA HF R300 weighs exactly 9.6 oz.  So I have to make sure I have the right amount of washers to balance out the weight.

2. Test the rig.

I have an idea for a structured improv that I can do outside. I need to get ahold of a couple of actors and get that shot using the Steadicam rig.

3. Ten new photos and one text submission for HitRECord. 

I’ve been slacking off in that department and I need to step up my contributions. (Also hopefully, make some extra cash in the bargain.)

4. A post a day on the blog. 

According to my Year in Review stats from, I wrote 166 blogposts last year. That means I posted nothing for two thirds of the year.
I think I can do better then that.

5. Start getting my tax stuff ready for this year.

Yes.  I am one of those annoying a-holes who likes to file as quickly as possible.  Hate all you want. Daddy’s in no mood to get audited this year.

The watch cry for 2013 is “GET STUFF DONE!”.
Stand clear!  I’m blitzing!


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