Random Nerd Notes concerning Hobbits and Hong Kong Phooeys.

(Still taking a break from Politics to recover from the holidays.)

-Yeah, I dug it.
Didn’t love it but I dug it.
Granted, it’s not the pure narrative machine that “Fellowship” was.  It’s feels much more episodic and less urgent. (Which I’m assuming is a byproduct of the source material. Yes, I never read “The Hobbit” as a kid.  I am a bad nerd.) Also, Jackson is a much different filmmaker then the Peter Jackson who made the original trilogy. That first set of films was the work of a hungry filmmaker who was dead dog determined to plant his flag. The Jackson of today is confident but not complacent. He knows this world and he has nothing to prove to anyone.  As a result, “The Hobbit’ has a looser, funkier energy then it’s predecessors.
And make no mistake, once Bilbo and the Dwarfs hit the road, the film is a fun ride.
Just don’t expect it to gut punch you like “Fellowship”
Oh, and none of the theaters in my area have the 48fps version so I can’t weigh in on that aspect of it.  Maybe next year, our theaters be up to speed. (Or maybe Tim League will decide to build an Alamo Drafthouse in Ashland.)

-Via Badass Digest. Did you know that Warner Brothers came THIS close to making a live action/CGI remake of “Hong Kong Phooey” with Eddie Murphy?
Did you know that they made test footage of this?
Did you know that it got leaked online?
Because I hate to suffer alone, here’s the footage. (Caution, the video also includes  proof of concept of a Marvin the Martian movie.)

1. Thank the Great Maker that Warner Brothers decided to not make either of these movies.

2. The drinking out a toilet gag wouldn’t have passed muster in a Farrelly Brothers film. What the hell was it doing in a four quadrant family flick?

3. If the Eddie Murphy of 1984 ever time traveled to this time period and saw this, he would never stop punching the Eddie Murphy of today in the nut sack.


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