I don’t want to to write about the Gun Tragedy in Newton, Connecticut…

I really don’t want to.
By all means, I must express our condolences to the victim’s families.  This is yet another heartbreaking tragedy, that’s just part of an unbreakable string of tragedies that has happened in the past several years.
But other then that, I don’t want to write about it.
I don’t want to write about we can’t have a discussion about gun control when something like this happens because it might be considered “Disrespectful to the victims”.  Mostly because I just wrote about this two days ago!
I don’t want to write about how Mike Huckabee once again proved that a amiable manner may hide a zealot’s heart when he claimed the shooting happened because “we have systematically removed God from our schools”. And I don’t won’t to rehash the whole separation of Church and State thing. And I really don’t want to point out that by saying that God allowed a bunch of kids to die in a hail of gunfire because you don’t allow prayer in school, you make your God sound like a jealous and needy asshole.
And I don’t want to point out that I may not believe in God but I can at least conceive of a God who’s not a righteous dick.
And I certainly don’t want to write about that jackass, Alex Jones who posted a video claiming that the shooting was staged as a pretense to take away all our guns and is all part of the grand plan to impose a New World Order because, FUCKING SERIOUSLY WITH THAT BULLSHIT??
I’m also not going to post said video because a lot of my readers have money issues and I don’t want them to have to buy new monitors because they punched the old ones.
And I will not even write about how the spontaneous eruptions of protests demanding tighter gun laws gives me hope that finally, we might be able to break the back of the NRA Lobby and impose some common sense restrictions on the number of guns in this  country.
Why won’t I?
Because I don’t want to.
Because life is too short.
And it seems to get shorter every Goddamn day.


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