A few quick words about the “Star Trek Into Darkness” trailer.

I’m not going to lie, the trailer on the surface looks awesome.

The cast is back and they look game to play. The scope of it feel immense. (It’s nice to see a “Star Trek” picture where the sets don’t look like they were built over an abandoned Rem Fair.) And there is pleasant smattering of Cumberbatch throughout. (And yes, ” Pleasant smattering of Cumberbatch” is the name of my new Tumblr. NOBODY STEAL IT!)
But I do have a couple of things to add.
One:  The Enterprise, a Starship weighing several million metric tones is seen rising out of an ocean despite the fact that it’s propulsion units ARE CLEARLY HORIZONTAL!
I expect a good thirty seconds of technobabble to justify this.
The other issue is that last shot in the Japanese trailer (Which is the still shot in the above embed.) Clearly meant to mirror the scene in “STII-TWOK” where Spock dies.
Now, there’s no indication that anyone’s dying at that moment.  Hell, you can’t even tell who it is in that damn shot.
But the fan base seems to have no trouble seeing a two and assuming that another two is just around the corner to create a four.
Abrams clearly has no problem tweaking his audience.  He knows something like this will drive the nerds crazy and damn if he doesn’t relish it.  It’s almost like he’s saying “Yeah, I’m cheesing you off now but when you see the finished product, you will love it.  And you will also hate yourselves for being such a bunch of whiny bitches about it.”.
(Almost, I’m of the understanding that Mr. Abrams is a very nice man who would never refer to his fan base as “whiny bitches”.)
So, yeah. Based on my experience with the first film, I’m kind of high on this one.
Also, until I see solid evidence to the contrary, I’m just going to assume the villain is a slimmed down and pissed off Harry Mudd.
I have my reasons.


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