Sheldon Adelson: And Sarah Silverman sending the speedo photos was just salt in the wound.

Via HuffPo: The public shame of Sheldon Aldelson continues…

WASHINGTON — Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson vowed to spend as much as $100 million to defeat President Barack Obama and help the GOP take control of Congress. According to two GOP fundraisers with close ties to the Las Vegas billionaire, he made good on that promise — and then some. Adelson ultimately upped the ante, spending closer to a previously unreported $150 million, the fundraisers said.

Adelson, a fierce critic of Obama’s foreign and domestic policies, has said that his humongous spending was spurred chiefly by his fear that a second Obama term would bring “vilification of people that were against him.” As that second term begins, Adelson’s international casino empire faces a rough road, with two federal criminal investigations into his business.


During the election, Adelson told Politico that the Justice Department investigation, and the way he felt treated by prosecutors, was a primary motivation for his investment in Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and other GOP candidates. He put his money where his mouth was. The two GOP fundraisers, both with strong ties to Adelson, said that the casino mogul dished out close to $150 million, including between $30 million and $40 million to the Karl Rove-founded Crossroads GPS and at least $15 million to grassroots efforts with financial links to Charles and David Koch. Among other major beneficiaries of Adelson’s largess were the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which received almost $5 million from Adelson, and the Republican Jewish Coalition, which got the bulk of its $6.5 million budget from him, the fundraisers said.

Let me see if I can put in layman terms how much that hurts.
Imagine you hire a call girl for the evening for…let’s say…$800 dollars.  And that’s suppose to cover everything on the menu, barebacked.
But when you get to the hotel room, you’re knocked unconscious.  You wake up and you find you’ve been stripped naked, tied to a chair and gagged.  And instead of getting to fuck the hot call girl (who is actually hotter than her photo in Backpage .) you are forced to watch her fuck an older and uglier man who turns out to be Sheldon Adelson!
That is exactly how Sheldon Adelson is feeling right now.
The only difference is that unlike you, Adelson deserves his fate.


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