The precise moment Jon Cryer decided to drop out of show business and open a record store.

Via “Badass Digest”, The kid from “Two and Half Men” has found God and wants his earthly suffering to be over.
Earthly suffering being defined as the TV show that pays him more for one episode than I will see in the next decade.

Okay, that last crack was unfair. If an experience is sufficiently unpleasant enough, no amount of money is worth the aggravation.  And let’s be honest, being exposed to Charlie Sheen on a daily basis would be enough to drive anyone to seek out a higher power.
And in the grand pageant of TV stars going bat shit crazy on him, Chuck Lorre probably considers an actor finding Jesus a best case scenario at this point. (Although, if we have a breakthrough in robotics in the next five years that causes the creation of life like humanoid robots, Five will get you ten the seed money came from Lorre who needed a more reliable delivery system for the Penis Based Humor that America desperately craves.)
A couple pieces of advice to Jones, you may want to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with your co-stars. However honestly motivated your comments were, you still have to work with these folks for a bit.  And they may be feeling betrayed at this point.
Also, if you ever find yourself doing “Fireproof II”, please kiss the woman playing your wife!
Praise Jesus.  But have some respect for the craft.

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