NEW COMEDY SHORT: “China Silk Condoms II”

The thing speaks for itself but I do have some things to add.

-Very special thanks to Michael Meyer for connecting me with Trevor Hood.  Thanks also to Trevor for doing a great job, bringing Halie Pfefferkorn on board, (Thanks to her for the hard word also.) and for letting us shoot at his place. Extra thanks to Jamison Challeen for his original “CHINA SILK” graphic.

-Just a reminder, if you think this short is funny, it is one of the pieces in my E-Book ” Tales of the Geek Nation”. Which can be bought at iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc.
And if you don’t like the short, buy the book and compare the script with the finished product.  Then get your own video camera and see if you can do a better job yourself!

Seriously, I DARE YOU TO TOP ME!


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