What I’m grateful for: 2012 edition.

As a sop to the current holiday season coupled with a desire to remind myself that thing aren’t as bad as they seem, here’s what I’m thankful for this year.

-I am grateful that I continue to have a job that pays reasonably well and doesn’t tax me to the point where I come home feeling tired and defeated.

-I am grateful that despite the scare I had a few months back, I am in relativity good health.

-I am grateful that my mother is in relativity good health.

-I am grateful for all my friends. By they in the cyberspace or the meatspace.

-I am grateful that after months of relative inaction, save for the protest and camera test, I’m about to dive back into filmmaking with a new short.  I’m doing one of the China Silk Condom commercial parodies from The E-Book.  And I should have it online  by Sunday at the latest.  Provided I don’t screw the pooch in post.

-And I am grateful that I am living in a stable, non violent, non weather ravaged part of the world.
And in my gratitude, I am also humbled by my good fortune and emphatic towards those in more dire straits than I.
And with that humility and empathy comes the awareness that the next time the hammer falls, it could be on me.

To you and yours, I wish a happy and safe holiday.


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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker. talesofthegeeknation.com
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