RANDOM NOTES: November 13, 2012. (Star Wars and Black Ops II edition.)

Still trying to wrap my head around the whole Petraeus and so far, I only have two coherent thoughts on the subject. “Thank god this happened after the election” and “Yeah, I would have totally banged Broadwell too.”
I am not proud of either of these thoughts.  But there you are.
So in the meantime, here’s some thoughts on two big geek items of the day.

My thoughts on the whole Lucasfilm/Disney/Star Wars thing.
First off, Kudos to Lucas for taking most of his crazy huge four billion dollar payout and sinking it into funding education. Lucas clearly sees the wisdom in Dolly Levi’s words, “Money is like manure.  It’s no good unless you spread it around a little.” It’s such an amazing act  of generosity, that I am forgoing the snarky “It still doesn’t make up for Jar-Jar.” comment.  Because you know something? IT TOTALLY MAKES UP FOR JAR-JAR! In fact, at this point,I will spot Lucas a Live Action Jar-Jar sitcom with Rob Schneider in the lead.
Yes, I am that passionate about education!
As for the prospect of a new Star Wars movie, I’ll wait until I see the first trailer. Getting Michael Ardnt for the writer is a decent first start. But it’s also going to depend on who the get to direct. (I’m still pushing for Steven Soderberg because I’ve always been curious to see what a seventy-five million dollar StarWars movie might look like.  Also, George Clooney as a Jedi Knight would be the tits!)
I’m also curious about what his take is going to be on the material.  If we’re talking about a post Return of the Jedi timeline, then we’re talking about watching how a democratic republic rebuilds itself after years of being an oppressive empire.  Given what we’ve been through in the last twelve years, there could be considerable resonance in exploring those ideas.
But you know, exploring in a fun way.  Lightsabers!  Space Battles! Not in a “Let’s discuss blockading the Trade Federation for twenty minutes” sort of way.

Yes, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” looks like an amazingly fun game.  But I’m not buying it for two reasons.
1. Can’t really afford it.
2.They got Oliver North to do commercials and actually appear in the damn game!

I’m sorry. But some of us are old enough to remember Iran-Contra!
I may rent it but I’ll be damned if I’m going to any money in his damn pocket.


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