NEW VIDEO: Thirty Two Short Films about a Blogger: 1. A Typical Day.

Okay, this requires something of an explanation.

As most of you know, I’ve been working towards getting back into filmmaking.  But one of the problems has been getting people for projects for various reasons. (The first two being no money and my graveyard work schedule.) Now, I’m hoping to start working past those issues in the coming weeks but in the meantime, I needed to shoot something just to knock the cobwebs away.
So, I cooked up a very short piece that I could do by myself.  And while I like to think I’m a pretty decent actor, I usually prefer not to act in my own pieces. (I’m one of those odd ducks who likes to be directed.) But there are times I realize I have to look beyond my own preferences if I want to get stuff done.  Which is why you’re seeing my pasty white face in this thing.
And just so you know, I don’t have 31 more short scripts.  I simply used it as a conceit for the piece. Although the nice thing is that by doing them as shorts, I can add to them as I go as opposed to one big push. (And yes, the title is a riff on François Girard’s “Thirty Two Short Films about Glen Gould”. When I steal, it’s only from the best.)
Some brief notes on the piece…

-It’s autobiographical in the sense that what’s depicted is a fairly typical day off for me.  Except for the phone calls that frame the piece. (Luckily, I was spared the deluge of phone calls that seemed to be the bane of everyone else existence. However, be warned.  If you ever wake me with a phone call, it better be to offer me either money or sex.  Any other reason will be met with at best, a righteous anger.  At worst, sharp and pointy objects.) The rest is fairly common, including the hearty breakfast.

-I went with black and white for the simple reason that I just like the look of it.  The nice thing about the new Canon is that it has seven different filters which allows for flexibility in stylization.  And I’m more than certain that I will find a way to use all of them to my advantage.  Seriously, give me a hundred extras and I will use the Sepia to make the mother of all “Heaven’s Gate” parodies. (Hey. Criterion is releasing the film on Blu-Ray this month.  People will get those jokes.)

-Blessed be the Vimeo Music store and Creative Commons!  Together, they have freed me from the tyranny of the iMovie jingles file.  And the piece I used, Big Beats Alternate by Sunsearcher fits the short perfectly.  Thanks, fellas.

Anyway, hope you like the short.  And if you don’t…well, I promise the next one will be funnier.


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