Some notes on Barack Obama, the Election of 2012 and battered hope.

-The day before the election, my gut started to hurt like a motherfucker.
This surprised me because I knew I was stressing this thing but I didn’t think that I had internalized it that much.
But then my joints started hurting and I realized that I wasn’t  internalizing dick, I just had the stomach flu.
The day after the election, Barack Obama is still President and I was eating solid food.
Make of that what you will.

-To be honest, I’m not jumping for joy.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m relieved that America didn’t go for the man shaped cloud of lies and hair products that was Mitt Romney. (Who we shall hereafter refer to as “He Who Shall Not Be Named except in Cutthroat Games of Trivial Pursuit”.)  I am relieved as all hell that the Senate is still in Democratic hands. (And hopeful that Harry Reid will follow through on his promise of filibuster reform.  And relieved that the walking decimal point of a man who calls himself Joe Lieberman is leaving.  Those two things alone are worth cheering.)
And I am very relieved that apparently the Sheldon Aldelson/Koch Brothers/Karl Rove-Crossroads GPS attempt to buy the election failed so miserably.
(Okay, this I will do a little tap dance over this.
Holy crap!  How much money did these stupid sons of bitches spend to try to bend this thing and to how little effect?  Let’s hear it from Dr. Maddow.


And while sidebarred blogger and Twitter friend Lance Mannion makes a strong case for Karl Rove’s meltdown on Fox News not being necessarily so. Part of me would like to think I caught a glimmer of panic in his eyes.  As if he knew at a certain point, a couple of barrel chested goons would show up at his door with baseball bats and murderous gleams in their eyes.  Saying “Mr. Aldelson has a message for youse”.
Now, let me remind everyone that I have no desire to see Karl Rove actually get the snot beaten out of him by barrel chested goons. I have always maintained and continue to maintain that violence is wrong and solves nothing.
However, I have no moral qualms about Rove being scared shitless over the prospect of it happening.   At least for a little while.)
Now while all of the above is fine and dandy, the fact is that the status is still stubbornly que.  Obama is still President, for all the good and the ill that fact contains.  The GOP still has the House (And will more than likely keep it for a while.) and the Dems the Senate. And odds are that the next two years are going to look depressingly like the last two years.
Don’t get me wrong.  Tuesday night was great.  We got pounded by several metric tons of  dark money and we still held the Goddamn line. In pure Whedonese, we have done the impossible and that makes us mighty.
But as we celebrate the win, we also have to make peace with something.
This is the rest of our Goddamn lives.
For the sin of not paying attention in 2000 and assuming that it didn’t matter who won the election, we ended up with eight years of Bush and Cheney.  And we are still living with the bitter fruits of that sin.
And that means we need to get to work.  The breakdown of labor is as follows.

PROGRESSIVES: We need to keep pushing on “Citizens United”.  The down side of all the rich dicks failing to buy the election is that it’s going to take the urgency out of repealing it. Just because the cancer didn’t kill you today, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to tomorrow. We got two years until the midterms.  Let’s try to get this locked down, beforehand.
Also, can we all agree that the Electoral College need to go away.  Seriously, as I write this, they just finished counting votes in Florida! It is by the grace of whatever deity you choose to pray to that we didn’t need their electoral votes this year!
One man, one vote.  Good enough for the Greeks.  Good enough for us.
(Yes, I know.  One person, one vote. Is it my fault the extra syllable breaks up the rhythm?)
Also, we have to be more willing to criticize when he’s wrong.  Like with the Drone Program or the Indefinite Detention Provision in the last NDAA. (BTW. Stop saying you’re against the NDAA.  Most of the NDAA is just regular refunding of the Armed Forces.  You’re against the Indefinite Detention Provision. Sorry but that mistake always makes my teeth grind.)
I know, we’ve all been overly protective of Obama because we didn’t want to do anything to jinx a second term and hand the White House to whatever plug ugly the GOP threw at him.
Well, said plug ugly has been vanquished.  Obama’s got his second term.  He ain’t getting a third term.  So now, we should be a little freer to say “Uh, Mr. President…with all due respect…you’re doing this wrong.”
To paraphrase a famous moment from “The West Wing” we love our President and we will continue to poke him with a stick because that is how we show our love. (Note to Secret Service. The stick is a metaphor for public discourse.)

MODERATE REPUBLICANS: We need you folks back in the mix.  Yes, I know most of you have tuned out or re-registered as independent or became Ron Paul supporters as a last resort.  But we need you back in the game.
Right now, your party is in the hands of a fraction of the population has a collective belief system that is barely a notch above Pentecostal Snake Handlers.  Which I would have no problem with if they weren’t so busy trying to turn Snake Handling into a Title ix sport.
It can’t just be us coming up with ideas.  We need another point of view to bounce ideas off of.  But we need it to be a sane point of view.
Come on, guys.  You gave us Lincoln and Eisenhower.  You gotta have some juice left.

YOUNG PEOPLE: Protip. Midterms count too.

THIRD PARTIES: Stop going for the brass ring every time.  You have neither the money or the infrastructure to pull it off.  You want to build a power base? Local Races, State Races.  Build from a strong foundation then you can start making runs for the big chair.  We’ll try to help with campaign finance reform and dissolving the Electoral Collage.  But you gotta meet us halfway on this.  And believe me, I would love for a progressive third-party to come along and help push the Dems leftward.  But right now, you need doable goals.
And seriously, Roseanne Barr?  You know that if he thought she’d be a strong candidate, Joss Whedon would have started a SuperPAC for her.  He could have done it too.  He has “Avengers” money now.

MEMBERS OF THE GOP BASE: You know, I was going to go into a long and angry rant here.  But really, how can I top reality?

Tonight, I am staying in and enjoying a deserved Pork Chop Dinner.  And then I’m going to finish a video project.  Tomorrow, I may go completely nuts and treat myself to “Cloud Atlas”.
But then, it’s back to the grind.  We’ve got a lame duck session of Congress.  The Fiscal Cliff, etc.
Make no mistakes.
This is the rest of our Goddamned lives.


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