Good news/Bad News kind of day.

The bad news is that the MacMini has a failing Hard Drive.  Which means I have to send it to Connecting Point in Medford.  Thankfully, it’s still under it’s service contract so I won’t be out of pocket anything.  But it means I’ll have deal with my tiny Acer Netbook for the next five to nine business days if I want to get anything done business wise.  And I can forget any video projects during this time also.

The good news is that I’m not facing down the business end of a Freakish Goddamn Storm! 

Hurricane Sandy began breaking up as it hit the New Jersey shore Monday evening on what’s expected to be a destructive path across the Northeast, killing three people, plunging more than 3 million into darkness and crippling transportation across a huge swath of the Eastern U.S.

Sandy made landfall at Atlantic City, N.J., about 6:45 p.m. ET, throwing off sustained winds of 90 mph, NBC New York reported. By 9 p.m. ET, its center was about 15 miles northwest of Atlantic City, and maximum sustained winds were 80 mph.

The National Hurricane Center re-designated Sandy as a “post-tropical cyclone,”saying it was rapidly losing its tropical characteristics as it merged into an enormous nor’easter. While it was still packing hurricane-force winds, the worst appeared to be over, said Bill Karins, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel.

Needless to say, any bitching about my tech issues in light of this boarders on the epically dickish.
My best wishes to all my friends on the East Coast. And yes, I will now proceed to go fuck myself.


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