Making every vote (not) count.

Via “Forbes”, a publication not known for its left-wing politics just came out Saturday with a story about a company called H.I.G. that makes voting machines for Ohio.  And guess which prominent family has a financial interest in H.I.G.?

Numerous media sources, including Truthout, are reporting that Solamere Capital—the investment firm run by Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, and the home of money put into the closely held firm by Tagg’s uncle Scott, mother Anne and, of course, the dad who might just be the next President of the United States—depending upon how the vote count turns out, in our little tale, in the State of Ohio—have shared business interests with H.I.G. either directly or via Solamere Advisors which is owned, in part, by Solamere Capital, including a reported investment in H.I.G. by either Solamere Capital or Solamere Advisors.

Lee Fang, in his piece for The Nation exploring the government related activities of various companies in which Solamere has an interest writes-

“Meanwhile, HIG Capital—one of the largest Solamere partners, with nearly $10 billion of equity capital—owns a number of other firms that are closely monitoring the federal government. ”

Quick thought experiment to anybody of the right-wing persuasion who’s reading this and going “So what?”.  Replace Romney’s name with Obama’s.
That reaction you just had where you punched a hole though your apartment wall? Minus the vaguely racist epitaph you just muttered, that was the correct response.
Given that the GOP run states have spent the last two years working on voter suppression laws, this news that their presidential candidate has a financial interest in the machines that may help him win may be the proverbial final straw.
Which makes the other development this weekend sadly inevitable.

United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers from its human rights office around the country on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places. It’s part of a broader observation mission that will send out an additional 80 to 90 members of parliament from nearly 30 countries.

Liberal-leaning civil rights groups met with representatives from the OSCE this week to raise their fears about what they say are systematic efforts to suppress minority voters likely to vote for President Obama.

Now, I’m not criticizing these groups for wanting to bring the UN in on this. Hell, if I were working for any of these groups I’d be helping with the paperwork.
However, it does behoove me to game out the following scenario.
If Romney wins in November, it could be charged that the GOP gamed the system for another win similar to Bush/Gore in 2000.
But if Obama wins, the right could point at the UN observers and scream “NEW WORLD ORDER! NEW WORLD ORDER!!”.
Either way, the evening of November 6th is going to be very busy for Alex Jones.
However, on the off-chance that whoever wins does so by a wide enough margin to rule out chicanery, may I suggest that maybe we should take a look at a national voting standard that makes situations like this a thing of the past.  Maybe something convenient that creates a countable hard copy, like say…VOTE BY MAIL LIKE WE HAVE HERE IN OREGON!!!!!
Seriously, Wyden, Merkley?  You guys need to make this job one next year.


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