Obama Vs Romney: Round II.

Let’s get the most obvious comment out of the way.  Where the hell did this Obama come from and where the hell was he two weeks ago? My working theory is that someone managed to extract Bone Marrow from Joe Biden, turned it into powder and then sprinkled it on Obama’s morning oatmeal.  (Although John Scalzi makes an interesting argument for the theory that Obama threw the first debate.)
My favorite moments in no particular order.

-The Libya Part where Romney got fact checked in real time and gave Obama the excuse to break out his angry dad voice.

-The “women in binders’ crack that turned into an Internet Meme with in three minutes. (Seriously, the link to the Woman In Binders Tumblr started showing up on my Twitter feed in just about that time frame.) And it turns out that the story that Romney told that inspired it wasn’t even true!

-Romney’s closing statement where he said that he would work for 100% of the people cueing up Obama’s closing shot about the 47% tape.  You could almost hear David Axelrod in the green room screaming “TAKE THE SHOT! TAKE THE SHOT!”

I’d like to say that it was the exact debate performance that Obama needed to give to get the base revitalized. But my feeling is that if you switched from Obama to Romney simply because of the former’s first debate performance, then your a jackass with no set of internal principles who only interesting in winning for winning’s sake.  Which makes you, of course, the ideal Romney voter. So instead, I will say that the win reenforced the belief that Obama wants to win which had been lagging.

Now, here’s the stuff I didn’t like.

-The discussion about energy policy that didn’t include one word about climate change coupled with Obama’s statement that they were still going to continue to get oil from domestic sources. Which at this point is like telling a diabetic that you’ve developed a system to directly inject chocolate into the bloodstream.

-Neither candidate is a shining knight when it comes to Gun Control and while I’m glad Obama said that he would support reintroducing an Assault Weapons ban, it didn’t come close to a full throated condemnation of the gun culture that considers any common sense approach to gun control offensive.

-And seriously, Long Island Police, Overkill much?

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested outside of Hofstra University on Tuesday after she attempted to enter the debate grounds.

According to Stein’s campaign press statement, Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala joined supporters outside the Hofstra campus at 2 p.m., where Stein declared: “We are here to bring the courage of those excluded from our politics to this mock debate, this mockery of democracy.” When they started to walk onto the debate grounds, they were stopped by police officers, and then the two women sat down on the ground.

Student-run news organization Long Island Report posted a video of Stein and Honkala sitting, with an officer arguing, “You’re blocking traffic.” After Honkala stated, “We want to practice our first amendment rights,” the police can been seen removing the women from the ground and leading them away.

According to the campaign, Stein and Honkala were then arrested. Press contact Glenn Turner confirmed to HuffPost that Stein was arrested and as of early Tuesday evening was still in jail, charged with disorderly conduct.

Earlier in the day, Stein told Philadelphia Weekly that despite some butterflies in the stomach, “We are prepared to be arrested in the service of democracy and a future that serves us all.”

Stein advocates have been upset over her exclusion from the main debates. According to Politico, “The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates stipulates that a candidate must garner at least 15 percent in national polls in order to participate.”

Now I can understand why people are skittish about third party candidates at this juncture given that three strong candidates could split the Electoral College to a point that no one gets 270. (And remember you need 270 Electoral Votes to win.) And the last time, we had a 3rd party candidate that acted as a spoiler was Nader in 2000 and we all know how that shit turned out.
Having said that, I personally would have no problem with having Ms. Stein on the stage.  There are legitimate issues that I would have liked to have Obama called on that frankly, Romney is unable or unwilling to do. And we have to be willing to have those voices in the mix.
Having said that. Greens, have you considered going after smaller more doable offices like Congressional Seats or  City Councils.  Thus building a power base that you can use to build to higher offices.  Going for the gold ring each time is just a waste of resources.
And seriously, Long Island police.  Massive over fucking reaction.


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