The Romney Tape and the perils of over confidence.

Yes, the full tape came out yesterday.  I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. And considering that I’d sooner drive a railroad spike into my scortum then vote for Romney, I’m wondering if I want to waste my time sitting through the whole thing.
However, given recent events in the Middle East, this snippet should provide some context into what Romney would do. And when I say “Context” I mean “naked knife-wielding clown grade nightmare fuel”.

To once again quote John Rogers, Hope is not a plan.
(Supplemental reading: The indispensable and blogrolled Dr. Juan Cole at “Informed Comment” takes Romey’s words and grinds them into a fine powder.)
The upshot of this sudden influx of self inflicted nut punching on Romney’s part is that not only is he dropping in the polls but he’s also poisoning the well for the down ticket races. This means we might keep the Senate and maybe take back the House.
And let’s remember, it’s not enough to get Obama a second term.  We need to get back the House and Senate if we are going to maintain any forward motion. Not to mention, effectively pushing back on Obama’s own excesses. 
And let’s also remember, we are still a month and a half out from the election and anything can happen.  So we need to keep the pressure on. We still have The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove to worry about. And the debate outcomes are not set in stone. (Although Obama has a clear advantage because up to this point, Romney’s strongest debate opponent has been the one third of Ron Paul that made sense.) And there’s still the wild card that is Israel.
Now is not the time to to get over confident.  We need to keep center punching.

EDIT: 11:33 P.M. (Fixed a typo.)

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