Drill these words into your heads for 2012: HOUSE AND SENATE! HOUSE AND SENATE!!

Been catching up on the DNC speeches tonight. So far, I’d call it a safe bet that our perceived enthusiasm levels are a bit higher than last week’s RNC convention.
And I’m not going to lie to you, Marge. Watching the current Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick shred the hide of his predecessor, Mitt Romney, has the sort of cathartic joy one associates with a good episode of “Leverage” when Nate and his crew stick it to a particularly rancid pile of dochebaggery.

And as most of you know, while I have my issues with Obama, I do not believe that replacing him with Romney will improve matters any.  But even more important than keeping Obama in the big seat is surrounding him with the right people.
Which is why I’m pleased that according to this August 12th diary from the Daily Kos, we might be holding on to the Senate after all!

Democrats hold 53 seats (including Lieberman and Vermont independent Bernie Sanders), Republicans 47. They need to pick up four seats for an outright majority. However, with Maine and Massachusetts likely Democratic, that means they need six. And that’s assuming they can hold on to Arizona, Indiana and Nevada.

Republicans have a guaranteed pickup in Nebraska and a likely one in Missouri. That gets them back to 47. So in order to take outright control of the Senate, they need to win four of the five next races on the list above—a tall order. If McCaskill can hang on, the math becomes all but impossible.

Also amazing—while 2/3rds of the seats up for grabs this cycle are held by Democrats, the playing field has become far more even—five Republican-held seats versus seven Democratic-held ones. I doubt anyone would’ve guessed that even a few months ago.

Go read the whole thing for the State by State Breakdown. It’s pretty damn awesome.
And it was written before Todd Akin gave the world the dubious phrase, “Legitimate Rape”
And it was also written before Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate. (And seriously, if you’re a multimillionaire who has trouble relating to The Common Man, then you clearly need as your No. 2 the guy who grew up reading Ayn Rand and wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.  That’ll please the Groundlings no end.)

Again a reminder for everyone, however you feel about President Obama’s policies, they do not exist in a vacuum. What you need is a strong House and Senate that will support him when he’s right and smack him down when he’s wrong.  Granted, the latter is always tougher but that is where we come in.
And make no mistake, we can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and let stuff happen.  Even with a Obama second term being problematic, we need all the progressive muscle we can get.
That’s why I’m supporting Joyce Segers for The House against Greg Walden in OR-O2.

I’ve met Ms. Segers.  She’s a decent person.  She legitimately concerned about the issues. And unlike Greg Walden, (Who co-sponsored H.R. 3, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin’s anti-abortion bill with the “Forcible Rape” language.) she does not believe that Government should have a say in a woman’s right to choose.
It should also be noted that Walden also voted for Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan that would gut Medicare. And voted against the DISCLOSE act that would have added much-needed transparency in political ads in this post Citizens United landscape.
Needless to say, I’m not a fan of Walden’s. And as we move forward, every voice counts.

If you go to Ms. Segers’ ActBlue Page and throw her some coinage, I’d be grateful.


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