Clint Eastwood: I still believe in heroes!

Some people would call Clint Eastwood’s performance at the RNC stage in Tampa last night a sorry display from an old man who’s lost his mind.
I am not one of those people.
Instead I offer this alternate theory.
It’s no secret that Eastwood as been out of step with this current incarnation of the Republican Party. He’s Pro-Choice, Pro Gay Marriage, Pro-enviroment.  Which is why his endorsement of Mitt Romney disheartened many of us on my side of the fence.
But now I realize, he was working The Long Con.
Up to now, Romney has had bad luck with celebrity endorsements. (Seriously, Ted Nugent for fuck’s sakes!) And Eastwood knew they’d be desperate to glam on to any star power they could get. Seriously, who else could they get to introduce Mitt Romney? Kelsey Grammer? Conservative but looks too much like an Eastern Elite to connect with the common folk. Adam Baldwin? Very conservative but suspect because he hangs with that vagina loving, granola muncher, Joss Whedon.  Jon Voight? Way too much of a grenade thrower to even let on prime time.
No, Eastwood seemed like the perfect choice. Reputation for reasonableness. Liked by the left and right equally. The man’s an Icon for Christ’s sakes.  The Man with No Name! Dirty Harry! Bronco Billy! (Don’t give me that look. That movie is a vastly underrated piece of Americana.) This was best get possible.  A slam dunk!
And Eastwood, bless his heart, knew this.
Hell. They had, from what I heard, an effective biographical film about Romney keyed up that could have introduced him to millions of people and helped redefine him for the General Election.  And they pushed it out of the prime time coverage to give the time to Eastwood. Who proceeded to go Broken Arrow on stage.
Now do I think Eastwood is an Obama supporter?  After some reflection I’d have to say no.  But I do think that maybe some of the more extreme elements of the party have him concerned. (Not to mention the way the GOP has treated his fellow Libertarian, Ron Paul.) So I’m inclined to go with this theory.
You may say I’m in denial but I don’t care.
But I still believe in heroes.


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