Camera test. Prognosis…Mostly Positive.

As you can tell from the above video, the camera’s image quality is pretty solid.  The frame rate on the manual setting in low light. (The inside of the shop.) was kind of funky but everything else looks great.
Right now, I’m thinking that Cinema Mode with the Vivid Filter may be my default setting for any narrative film making.  Most of the other filter strike me as kind of gimmicky. (Although, I kind of dig the High Contrast B&W look.  But it’s use would require a very specific kind of subject matter.  And the Sepia will come in handy if I ever decide to do my long gestating “Heaven’s Gate” parody.)
Right now, my only problem is with iMovie.  When I set my project at 24fps and try to add a clip that I shot in the same frame rate, it keeps telling me that the chip is at 30fps and do I want to change the Frame Rate.
Can anyone help me figure out this problem.  The people at Canon and the Apple Support Forums tell me this isn’t a problem.  But I’m not convinced.

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