Treading water…

The new camera arrived today.  And the first thing I noticed was how tiny it was.
I mean, I knew I wasn’t getting a giant, shoulder mounted thing but I didn’t think it would be the size of a snack cake.  Proving once again that I can’t judge size from pictures.  Which means I can kiss that second career casting gay porn movies goodbye. (Thank you.  I’m here all week.  Please, try the veal.)

And I had honestly planned to post some test footage tonight.
But once again, I failed to take into consideration that technology hates my guts.
The big issue was that the MacMini was failing to read the camera. An issue that necessitated calls to technical support for both Apple AND Canon.  And it was during the Canon call that I realized that it was because I hadn’t put the camera in playback mode.
I swear, when the singularity comes, I will plug-in the wrong cord and find myself still made of meat in an otherwise, shiny chrome world.
Other than that issue, it seems to be working fine.  I’m still getting the hang of the various settings but I may have something to show you all tomorrow.
I also need to get some more blogging done.  There’s a longish piece about the upcoming election that I still need to pull the trigger on.  Not to mention the whole thing with Julian Assange and Ecuador that’s going on this week.
(BTW, seriously Great Britain? You’re prepared to storm an embassy for a non violent offender and risk an international incident? Making Assange look more like a martyr than he already does? Seriously, good luck with that.  Hope you enjoy international condemnation heavily seasoned with DdoS attacks.)
More later…


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