New Camera and (No.) New Project. (Updated.)

For the last few months, I’ve been debating whether I should update my camera equipment. The one I have now shoots fine but the picture quality is…Well, look for yourself.

Not a terrible image but compared to a lot of the stuff on the site, it does seem very…YouTubish.
So, in a fit of frustration and existential dread (The latter I slope into every election year.) I said “Fuck it” and wound up buying this.

Experience the compact, easy-to-use camcorder that captures breathtaking Full HD video while offering impressive zooming power and exciting new creative options. Superb imaging is ensured with a new, more sensitive Canon 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor and Canon’s exclusive DIGIC DV III Image Processor. Video is steady and clear even at the large end of the 51x Advanced Zoom, thanks to SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization and Intelligent IS. The VIXIA HF R300 is equipped with flexible features to suit your shooting and sharing needs, and a new interface makes the large Flat Touch Panel LCD simpler than ever. Record in AVCHD or MP4 format to a removable SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. And with Cinema-Look Filters and Touch Decoration, you can be sure that your videos express yourself like never before.

Canon does a good product and Sears had it on sale for $319 dollars.  Much cheaper than my first camera.  (Although the total came to $342 after getting two days shipping. Our motto here at Chez Jensen, “If you’re going to do something stupid, for fuck’s sakes be quick about it.”.)
The good news is I should be done paying off my ER visit this next month and this should give me some extra cash to pay off the Sears card. (Of course, it would be a big help if more people bought my book of very funny Comedy Sketches, “Tales of the Geek Nation”. Now on sale at most E-Book stores.)  And the good news for you, gentle reader is I may be able to add more video content to the blog.  And I may even push myself into doing more actual filmmaking. (Although, I’ll still have to deal with other people schedules which is what drove me out in the first place.)
But I need to start making some moves in this area.  I’m not getting any younger.

-By the way, posting may be light this week because I’m going to be busy working on a entry for this.

Hotels and travel have been the inspiration for some of cinema’s most enduring films. From Fellini to Truffaut, fromGrand Hotel to Lost in Translation, the impulse to create in foreign lands has excited filmmakers for decades. Now it’s your chance to create a story with some of today’s most exciting filmmakers, at some of the most beautiful W Hotels in the world.

Submit a script for a ten-minute short film set in a W Hotel , featuring an Ultrabook as a key character in the script. Roman and a panel of judges will chose three screenplays that will be produced by Roman’s filmmaking company, The Directors Bureau, at one of four W Hotels destinations worldwide (Maldives, Doha, Mexico City, or Washington D.C.). The films will premiere at red carpet events in select W Hotels destinations worldwide and be distributed online.

God knows, that I need to write something….anything, that’s not related to the election.  And this may be just the thing I need to shake the cobwebs out of my head and get me moving again.
More later.

EDIT: Scratch second half of the post.  I just read the official rules and you have to have a registered YouTube account to enter.  And since I don’t deal with Google anymore, that is out of the question.
On the plus side, I now have an idea for a short script in my head that I can use AND I don’t have to be bound by the limitations of the contest.  So…there’s that.
Pity though, I’ve heard good things about this Roman Coppola guy.


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