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It’s not the heat…it’s the existential dread…

This past Saturday, I got the result of my blood tests following up on my recent Urinary Tract Infection.  They were for the most part, good. My cholesterol is fine. (The good cholesterol is low but so is the bad.) My Triglycerides are another … Continue reading

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Take a look at this clip and then catch up with me below. This is Bill O’Reilly talking with Caroline Fredrickson of the American Constitutional Society.  In a nutshell, after dismissing her analysis of the Individual Mandate, he predicted that SCOTUS would … Continue reading

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Some things to remember for the Fourth of July…

-When someone gets the right to do something, it doesn’t take away any of your rights. -Except for sparklers, fireworks are not meant to be handheld. -It is physically impossible to do a punk rock version of a Sousa March … Continue reading

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Climbing out of the abyss and shaking off the dust.

Yep, I’m back on the Hippie Prozac and I expect to be for the remainder of this year, at least through November. After that, If Romney wins, I may move straight into a series of cured pork products dipped in … Continue reading

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Snapping out of my stupor.

Enough!  This self imposed semi-exile from blogging can no longer stand! Tomorrow, I am getting up early and scoring as much St. John’s Wort as I can.  Hopefully, that will get me though the rest of this assault on human … Continue reading

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