Short personal note for July 19th.


Went to the Doctor last week as a follow up to my blood tests. As mentioned before, my triglycerides are at 257 but as it turns out, that’s about fifty lower than when I had blood work done in 2008. So there is that. Also I weighed in at 233 pounds which is three pounds less than what I weighed in my last visit which means I’m going in the right direction.
So, she’s prescribed for me Pravastain which is supposed to help reduce my triglycerides. And she also suggested quiet firmly that I get more exercise.  Which is why when I walk home from work now, it’s at a faster clip to elevate my heart rate. But I think I’ve made a good start getting myself back into shape.
The biggest down side is that these blood tests, even after insurance are going to eat into my finances.  Of course, it would be nice if I had some money coming in. (BTW, you do know that I have a book out, right?  Yeah, I totally have a book out!  It’s called “Tales of the Geek Nation” and it’s only $1.99 and you can get it at most Major On-Line book stores!!! Buy it today!)

Not much else to add, I’m really tired.  More later.



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