Rush Limbaugh: And George Soros once bought an airline…like that guy in “Inception”!

Sweet Zombie Jesus…

Okay, Let’s break this down…

The character Bane was created in 1993.

The character was used in the 1997 film “Batman and Robin”.

The shooting began in December of 2010. A full year before the GOP Primaries even started! And that’s not even taking into account the time needed to write the script, get the cast, location scouting, design work.
Now it could be argued that everyone knew that Romney was going to be the nominee but let’s be honest, it wasn’t a lock.  In order for the plan to work, they had to have couple of contingency plans. Just in case, Does this mean that soon, we’ll see discarded script pages and deal memos for the following back up villains?

THE PENGUIN: Philip Seymour Hoffman-Newt Gengrich.
HARLEY QUINN: Anne Hathaway (Why not? She was already on the payroll.)-Michelle Bachmann.
THE RIDDLER: Christoph Waltz-Ron Paul

To make matters worse for Rush, he made the classic era of the Internet era.  He pissed off nerds!
Would would think that after pissing off Liberals, women, Blacks, Latinos, etc.  He would know better than to open up another front on his long twilight struggle against…well…everyone not rich and white.
But nerds?  We are the most obnoxious, detail oriented, easily quick to correct with extreme malice and forethought subculture that has ever existed. There is no pedantry like nerd pedantry. And this is from the asshole who dinged John Hodgman on Twitter several months back for saying that it was Barry Bostwick who starred on “Babylon 5” not Michael O’Hara.
Yes, I’m an inhuman monster.
(By the way, Mr. Hodgman, if you are reading this…I’m very very sorry.)
But getting back to my main point…Congratulations, Rush Limbaugh. you have once again poked the sleeping giant that is the Internet.  We will be dining out on this for months. Expect a number of viral videos about this topic, some involving cats and maybe one involving Hitler getting mad.
All the while reminding everyone that you have the relevancy of polka music.
(At this moment, let me apologize to all the fine men and women everywhere who struggle daily to keep the polka tradition alive.  Trust me, if disco can make a comeback, so can polka.)



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