GOP to Romney: You’re our Huckleberry.

Remember last Post when I suggested that Ron Paul could wind up with the GOP nomination because of buyer’s remorse?
Well, kids.  Looks like I was talking out of my ass. 

Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency has all but officially ended, with supporters failing to rally a plurality of Nebraska’s Republican delegates in a last-ditch effort to ensure Paul would be nominated as the party’s candidate at the GOP convention next month.

Mitt Romney, now the GOP’s unchallenged candidate for the president, won all but two of the state’s 35 delegates, ensuring Paul wouldn’t be nominated at the Republican National Convention in August and preventing the chance of a raucous split convention between Romney and Paul supporters.

Yep. it’s all over.
Romney is all but assured the nomination.
He won.

Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch!  hope you know how to use a chainsaw.


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