Mitt Romney needs a hug.

This has not been a good week for Mitt Romney.
The Boston Globe reported that according to SEC documents, he was in charge at Bain Capital three years after he said he quit.  Killing his plausible deniability that he had nothing to do with their outsourcing shenanigans.
He goes to speak in front of the NAAPC and proceeds to get booed. And then proceeds suggest that they should all vote for Obama if they want “Free Stuff”.
And he also accepts an invitation to a fundraiser hosted by former Vice-President Dick Cheney. A man who left office with an approval of thirteen percent. To put that in context, Satan has an approval rating of twenty percent. (Side note, the two groups mostly over lap, the extra seven percent being  Heavy Metal musicians and sullen teenagers.)
And how does he deal with this torrent of embarrassment? By leaking that Condi Rice was at the top of the VP list. And all that did was remind people that the Bush Administration once existed and that Romney belongs to that same party.
And watching this round robin of clusterfuckery take place, I can only come to one conclusion.
Mitt Romney doesn’t want to become President.  He just want to run for President.
Think about it.  You get to travel the country on other people’s dimes.  Give speeches and sound important without actually having to do anything.  And everyone you meet loves you, if only because they can’t stand the other guy.
Yeah, there’s the constant media attention and plenty of people who’ll jump up your butt if you make a mistake.  But hey, if you can deep freeze your self-respect, you can have your fill of free Batter Dipped Food on a Stick at every State Fair between Timbuktu and Passamaquoddy.
I’ll be honest. I have no great love for Ron Paul. And I’d have an easier time taking his “Big Government shouldn’t start wars and open our E-mail” policies if they didn’t come with “Let’s gut all essential services and let the free market fix everything” policies.  But damn it, at least he seems to be in it to win it!

post on The Daily Paul, a website devoted to the libertarian-thinking congressman, is urging people to show up at the Nebraska GOP meeting in Grand Island on July 14 and gives tips on how to make a difference on behalf of their candidate.

Under Rule 40, Section B in the Republican National Committee’s rule book, a presidential candidate must demonstrate the support of a “plurality of the delegates from five or more states” to get his or her name entered for nomination at the convention.

Paul already has a plurality of delegates from Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana. Nebraska is the last state that will hold its convention for delegates.

While Romney has been chowing down on his foot like it was a fine platter of Beef Wellington, Dr. Paul has been quietly amassing enough delegates to make himself a viable option at the convention. And if Romney continues to make himself look like a cartoon version of a fancy man, The GOP just might decide to say, “Fuck it, let’s roll the dice with Paul”.
Now I’m kind of fine with that.  I would not vote for Paul but he could legitimately call him out on his drone program and expansion of the security state at the debates.  While Obama calls out Paul on…well everything else.
Of course, That would take Romney off the road.  He’d be forced to stay home all alone…with his wife…his five sons…a mattress filled with large bills and a pillow lined with Kugerrands.
But you know, if he starts to feel lonely, he can always get a dog.
…Oh, right.

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