SCOTUS on ACA: A surprisingly good day.

I won’t lie to you.  Today, I was expecting a to eat a shit sandwich of Dagwood proportions.
I actually chose not to log on today until I was able to get some food in my stomach.  So while I was pouring coffee down my neck and fixing my usual weekend fry up (Egg Substitute, Apple/Chicken Sausage, and Oven Baked Hash Browns.) I used my PS3 for background noise.  First using Hulu Plus to catch up on last night’s “Daily Show” and then ADDing my way through Netflix.

-Five minutes of “Thor” (Until Paramount decision to reformat the image to to 1:85-1 for streaming got on my nerves and I switched it off. Sorry, Zack.)

-The first twenty minutes of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. (“Remember the Main.”  “How can I forget it.”)

-Five minutes of the 1971 Don Knotts comedy, “How to Frame a Figg”.

-Half of the “Spaced” episode where Tim and Daisy go on a pub crawl.

-Ten minutes of the Denis Leary comedy special “Donuts and Douchebags”.

Needless to say, my attention span is not what it used to be.
Finally, after I plied myself with food and caffeine, I logged on and went to the Kos expecting the worst and found this instead. (Via “Daily Kos.)

In a shocking decision that breaks the heart of every Republican and Federalist Society member, the conservative Roberts Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act.

The mandate is constitutional. And even more shocking, Chief Justice Roberts joins the left of the Court. More to come …

Well, Fuck-a-Doodle-Doo!
To be honest, there was a fair amount of scrolling down I had to do first. Including past the headline, “Rep. Mike Pence compares Supreme Court ruling to 9/11.” (Protip, when a right wing dingbat compares a social program you support to 9/11, you’re on the right track.) But it soon became clear that the Good Guys had scored a win.
I’m still collating data at this point so I don’t really have much else to add, except this photo from the L.A. Times.

Suck on those sour persimmons, mister Boehner!

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