A few (Half Assed.) words about “Prometheus”.

I have only two things to add about “Prometheus”.

1. When I saw the film at the Ashland Street Cinema the weekend, the screening was marred by the fact that the picture was just ever so slightly out of focus, making the 3D less impressive than it should have been. When I mentioned it to one of the employees, they said that they were getting a technician to come up next week to re-calibrate the projector since they couldn’t manually focus it themselves because of the 3D.
Welcome to the 21st century, bitches.
This means they need to either hire a full time tech or Ashland needs an Alamo Drafthouse.
(Memo to Tim League.  Ashland is a college town.  Make the food prices completive and you will clean up!)

2. Whoever came up with the genius idea of putting Charlize Theron in a form fitting catsuit for the second half of the film deserves all the high fives in the world. (Seriously, first Scarlett Johansson in “Avengers” and then Anne Hathaway in “The Dark Night Rises” later this summer.  It feels like Hollywood has rediscovered the glory of the catsuit.  If someone casts Allison Brie as a Superhero, I will die a happy man.)

Those two points aside, what McWeeney said.  It’s a stunningly beautiful achievement visually that has some big ideas that live side by side with some of the dopiest plotting I’ve seen in a major movie this year. (And before anyone asks, I didn’t see “Battleship”.) And frankly, I’m kind amazed that the film left me as cold as it did.  It has a great central idea at it’s core, (There is a God and now He wants us dead.) but the script doesn’t explore it fully.  It’s a collection of ideas and set pieces looking for a narrative.
Is the film worth seeing? Yes, preferably in a good theater with great 3D. But don’t expect the second coming…literally.

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