Dinner With Romney and Trump: “And for dessert, we have candied heart of orphan”.

There is not enough acid blocker in the world that would help me survive a meal with these two.

For a mere $3 donation to help elect Mitt Romney, donors could find themselves dining with real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The fundraising ask, sponsored by Romney Victory Fund, the joint fundraising effort by Romney and the Republican National Committee, features a sketch of Trump pointing, with the words “I want you” and “Dine with the Donald” under the picture. A cursive (+ Mitt) is next to Trump’s name.

But wait, there’s more.

The winner of the contest, will also receive:

• Airport transportation in the Trump vehicle.

• Stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower New York.

• Tour The Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom.

• Dine with Donald Trump and Mitt Romney

So, for the measly price  of three dollars, you can win the chance to spend twenty four hours in the belly of the beast that is Donald Trump’s ego.
I could spend the same amount of money on three Mars Bars and be far happier with the result.  (Although, it I ate all three at once, the level of shame would be about the same.)
This is clearly an attempt by the Romney campaign to emulate the recent Obama fundraising attempt using dinner with him and George Clooney as the carrot.
And I refused to get in in that because although I will wind up voting for him again this year, I choose to funnel what meager funds I have into progressive down-ticket races. Plus I am self-aware enough to know that it would end badly.
Sure, hanging with Clooney would be good for a few Soderbergh stories. And I’d like to think that Obama and I share enough nerd blood to hit it off initially. But I’d screw things up by bringing up drone strikes and domestic surveillance.  Either that or asking him to pass my phone number to Scarlet Johansson. And please, do not even give me that look!
But even that would pale in comparison with a dinner with Romney and Trump.
Sure, I’d try to be polite. But at a certain point, Trump would bring up the Birther shit and I’d be forced to bring up his bankruptcies and how Obama slam dunked him by taking out OBL the same week he released the long form birth certificate. And with Romney, it would begin with a simple discussion of his many flip flops.  And then it would end with me saying” You see a tortoise lying on it’s back. It’s belly baking in the sun.  But you’re not helping it, Mitt.  WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING IT?”.
(Side note. I’m beginning to realize why I don’t get asked over for dinner by friends that often.)
Life is finite and there are many thing I would like to do before I pass on to that undiscovered country.
Having dinner with these overly entitled boobs is not one of them.

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1 Response to Dinner With Romney and Trump: “And for dessert, we have candied heart of orphan”.

  1. jerryadler says:

    Party like a one-percenter!
    Whoop it up with Donald Trump!
    It only costs three bucks to enter
    The GOP of Forrest Gump!

    It’s a ticket that’ll get you
    Right out of your crummy lives.
    Donald says he’d even let you
    Date one of his former wives….

    More at:

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